How self-confidence makes you soar

It’s no secret that believing in yourself is important. But in his 2013 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation “Your internal advantage,” Michael Anthony describes that assuredness uniquely: as the power that allows you to walk into a room and handle a problem others won’t. “When we believe we can,” he said, “then we can.”

He goes on to tell the story of an eagle that laid an egg, which somehow made its way to a chicken coop. Eventually, the baby eagle was born but raised by a chicken. “This eagle learned from his surroundings and learned everything the chicken taught him. He pecked at the dust for food, flapped his wings and walked around the barnyard,” he said. “One day this little eagle walked outside, looked into the sky and saw a full-grown eagle soaring across the sky. He looked up and said, ‘Wow. How majestic, how amazing, how free. If only I were an eagle.’”

The point, of course, is the importance of focusing on your capabilities, not perceived limitations. “That little eagle lived as a chicken and died as a chicken only because he believed he was a chicken. What do you believe? What do you believe you’re capable of?”

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