How to use social media for referrals

When used correctly and with some patience, social media can help you find clients. Here’s how this works for me.

I find my clients who are most active on social media and add them as a friend or follow them. I then start to actively engage with their posts with likes, shares and comments. From there, I do more research. Let’s say my client uses Facebook. I look into their Facebook friends and others who also interact with their posts, which means they must have good relationships. From these identified profiles, I narrow the prospects who would fit the profile of my ideal client. 

For example, if my client is a doctor, chances are some of his friends would also be doctors. If I would like more doctors as clients, I would then look for possible doctors in my client’s list of Facebook friends.

Leverage your existing network

Next, I arrange for a Zoom catch-up with my existing client to update them on their financial plan. 

During the session, I approach the subject by saying “Hey Dr. John, I noticed that Dr. Peter is on your Facebook.” With a bit of research done on Dr. Peter first, I mention that I’m interested in meeting him, as my other clients have visited him before and they say he is a very good doctor.

I then ask, “Could you help connect me with Dr. Peter? You could message him to say I’ve been working with you for some time, and I personally would like to have a brief introduction with him over the phone or Zoom. I’d like to share some ideas on how we can help to protect or enhance his wealth, especially during these critical times.

“Alternatively, I can set up a WhatsApp group with the three of us. I can introduce myself and say that I’ve been working with you, and you can add on to say that you know me and trust me. Would you be able to do that for me, Dr. John?” 

When you fully leverage your existing client relationships, you’ll find there’s room to attract similar clientele. 

Just like fishermen, you’ve got to go where the fish are. You can’t wait for the fish to come to you.

Gan Chin Soon, of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, has been an MDRT member since 2004 and is a Top of the Table member. Read more in “How to attract the clients you want.” 

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