Creating a spirit of generosity in your business 

When any client walks into our firm, they are guided to our conference room. While they’re waiting, we play a video introducing our company, our team, our services, etc., and toward the end, the video also highlights the philanthropic side of our business — how we give part of our money, time and effort to philanthropic deeds. Suddenly, it changes their perception of us. Some of them even say, “When we retire, we want to join hands with you,” or “How can we participate?” Then, the topic shifts from business to giving. We have experienced that this spirit of giving is part of every human being. It needs to be nurtured and comes to the fore when there is a right fit. 

For example, one of our clients is a doctor. He was visiting our firm one day and saw the video. He happens to be associated with the HIV Centre that my husband co-founded, and he began talking about kidney dialysis issues with such patients and asked, “How can we be part of what you’re doing?” We said, “We can provide a place where HIV patients with kidney troubles can come in and get their dialysis done for free.” Within a month, the Kidney Dialysis Centre was established in partnership: He provides his time and expertise, and we arrange the funds and the machinery.  

Similarly, another doctor client interacted, and we became intensely associated with the Cerebral Palsy Association of India, benefiting children by not just giving therapy but also vocational training and guidance enabling them to be independent. 

It is amazing what opportunities can come our way and how destiny helps us to help others. People want to give; they just don’t know how to.   

Priti Ajit Kucheria, LUTCF, CFP, is a 21-year MDRT member from Mumbai, India. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 

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