What supports financial advisors’ success

Healthy competition mixed with encouragement and support pushes financial advisors to succeed in my company, Sagicor Life Jamaica. The main source of this competition and support in my branch office comes from MDRT teams, which consist of a maximum of eight people and a leader. Although we meet twice a month, we encourage each other, share ideas and work together daily to find solutions for our challenges.

Meila McKitty Plummer

Meila McKitty Plummer, LUTCF, FSS

There are five of these groups in our branch, and the teams compete against each other to see which can assist the most members in qualifying for MDRT. In the clubs’ first year, we went from having five MDRT qualifiers to 10.

A level playing field

Women in the financial industry in Jamaica are doing particularly well, and I’m so proud of this. Often in my country, you have a 3-to-1 ratio of female to male advisors. This is reflected in our Million Dollar Round Table membership as well. There are 245 MDRT members in Jamaica, and about 70% are women.

There are a lot of single-parent households headed by women in Jamaica. This responsibility drives women to work hard to provide for their families. Caring for families also makes women good clients, especially once they understand the value of our products for their family!

Women, as would anyone, thrive in a work environment where the playing field is level. My managers, as well as many other managers in this industry in Jamaica, have the mindset to recruit women into the business and treat them the same way they do men.

When there is nothing hindering you from doing well, women can excel in the financial services industry.

 Meila McKitty Plummer, LUTCF, FSS, of Kingston, Jamaica, has been an MDRT member since 2006.

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  • Richard Dobson says:

    You exemplify how success can come to those who are determined , knowledgeable and committed to excellence! I have seen, first hand, the friendly competition and professional collaboration of your team and noted, in particular, the opportunities afforded woman advisors in your agency. Please give my very best wishes to all my Jamaican MDRT friends!

  • Manmohan says:

    Awesome..great sharing..way to go.

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