Surpassing expectations

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many people to realize that life and death can be incredibly unpredictable, and insurance is a crucial way to protect yourself from the unknown.

Yet, just because more people perceive the value of coverage doesn’t mean that they will seek that protection through you.

For Watie Kartono, the shift in recent years toward people living and communicating digitally has created an opportunity for referrals shared via social platforms along with traditional, in-person word-of-mouth. The distinguishing factor for the six-year MDRT member from Jakarta, Indonesia, has been a level of care that extends beyond what clients expect.

“This happens without asking for referrals,” said Kartono, who works with 184 clients with the help of one administrative staff member and two other employees who handle claims, benefit changes and other tasks that can be delegated. “By working wholeheartedly and providing more service, clients have been moved to introduce me to their close and distant family members.”

Document rescue abroad

A fellow advisor who Kartono never knew before asked her to help her with the claim for a client who was unable to obtain an important receipt from a doctor’s office located in another country. When Kartono was traveling to that country, she volunteered to retrieve the document and had that advisor authorize her so she could pick up the receipt and deliver it to the insurance company. The client was so grateful for Kartono’s help — and the successful filing of the claim — that she shared her experience and Kartono’s contact information on a WhatsApp group. This led a friend of the client to contact Kartono about insurance. “Even though she wasn’t my client, I still helped her with all my heart,” Kartono said, adding that referrals also expand the number of people who can support the charitable activities she participates in like fundraising for the MDRT Gives Day and the ReachOut Foundation, which provides maternal and child health resources in rural areas. “It turns out that she is a center of influence among her friends, so her opinion is always used as a reference for others.”

This was excerpted from the July/August 2023 Round the Table. Read the full article online.

  • In this Digital Era,Clients and investors are not different entities… Clients want everything in one policy or one stroke investment… Clients knew about stock market’s returns,Bank fix deposits’ gauranteed returns,Tax structures,Long term planning clubbing with short term gains and above all Inflation and Dearness diluting their investments in future…so they want to multiply their investments…with Insurance cover and Health cover and Family floaters…with short term lock in period of their investments…So Insurance advisors have to read continuously attend trainings, continuously updating themselves as they have to deal with highly intellectual classes and segment…with their suggestions of Insurance plans and products…Their clients should be happy to invest and advisors of your clients charted accountant (C.A.s-actuary) should be agree with your suggestions for clients…

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