The key to growing as an advisor

If you only work for money, you become selfish. Selfish advisors are not professionals. When you run after money, you are only running. Yes, making money is an objective. If, however, you run a solid business, build strong relationships and help people, you will achieve financial success that grows and lasts.

That’s what I want to do. I put myself in my client’s shoes so I can see their personal and financial situation from their perspective. I connect emotionally from the heart so that I can feel what they are experiencing — like it’s happening to me too. I’ve even cried with my clients. Then I look out for their best interests, and I strive to understand where they have gaps and where they need my help.

I help them buy what they need to get the results they want for themselves and what matters to them.

When you connect from the heart, you establish a whole new level of trust with your prospects and clients. This higher level of trust builds a better level of relationship that builds your business faster, higher and stronger. It’s a key part of my strategy to develop a business that I will be able to proudly pass on to the next generation.

Sim Gakhar, of Markham, Ontario, Canada, is a six-year MDRT member and a Top of the Table member. 

These Top of the Table members discuss in the following videos how they position themselves with clients, and it’s not about being a salesperson:

  • I am working very hard and daily I meet my two prospects and I Do calls my four prospects for the follow ups… sometimes After sales’ servicings,gives me chance to talk about new products and new developments in Life Insurance Industries and now another segment Health Insurance Industries and Mediclaim policies…
    My weak points are that I don’t know where to stop? Sometimes I met my Prospects for 60 times and I call them 100 times ..I explained and pitch best Insurance plan for the clients and Their family.. Sometimes I disturbed them in their works…but I couldn’t judge that where to stop?I met them regularly… sometimes 60 times and sometimes 70 time in two quarters…I could not judge that I will close these calls?I trust God and continuously meeting them…I don’t know when my efforts will convert?I keep working and meeting people…I am working hard…since 4/2021..God is great…

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