The meaning of ‘fine’

When talking with clients, you need to know when to ask more questions to understand how they’re truly doing in their lives. These deeper listening skills are how we build stronger relationships.

If you’re asking somebody, “How are you feeling? How are you doing? How’s the business?” And they say, “Everything’s just fine.” Fine may not mean fine. Fine could mean frightened, insecure, neurotic and exhausted. That may be the background of what’s going on.

When you ask, “How are you doing?” and they reply that they’re doing well, remember that well is different than fine.

Marvin Feldman, of Palm Harbor, Florida, USA, is a 50-year MDRT member and an MDRT Past President. See more in his videos “Build a client’s lasting legacy” and “Educating clients: Why the premium is the solution.”

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