3 steps to being a leader

Many advisors want to improve their leadership abilities. Drew Dudley, the director of Canada’s largest university leadership development program, recommends a three-step process to determining and executing leadership goals:

1) Identify your key leadership values. Ask yourself, “If someone followed me around for two weeks and I didn’t know it, what values do I hope they would say are fundamental to me?”

2) Define your key leadership values. For every value on your list, ask yourself, ”If someone came up to me and said that word did not exist in her or his language, could I explain it? What would I say?” When you identify your leadership values and you define them, you’ve created a clear list of criteria you can use to make decisions that are consistent with your values whenever the opportunity presents itself. Good leaders do that. Good organizations do that. What separates great from good is this: Good leaders live their values whenever the opportunity presents itself. Great leaders create opportunities to live their values.

3) Take deliberate steps to ensure you operationalize and live your leadership values every day.

Find out how to do that in Dudley’s 2014 Annual Meeting presentation “Lollipop moments.” (MDRT members only)

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