Top 5 MDRT ideas on video

In good times and bad, MDRT members have an enduring tradition of sharing ideas to help one another create the career of their dreams. Videos are a powerful way to share ideas. Take a look at the top five MDRT videos so far in 2020, and don’t miss out on some of these favorites. 

5) Communicating clearly with clients
You might think a client is objecting to buying from you, but what may be happening is the client doesn’t understand the complex topic of insurance and how it’s being presented. Watch “A simple way to explain term vs. permanent life insurance” to hear how MDRT member Juli McNeely, CLU, CFP, helps her client through this.

4) Caring for yourself so you can better care for your clients
When you over identify with the anxieties of your clients or staff, compassion fatigue can set in and hamper your ability to provide clients with your best advice. Two financial therapists advise how you can overcome that in the video, “Facing emotional volatility: How to care for yourself and your clients.”

Naomi Chua Yi-Shyan

Watch “Qualify for MDRT 50% faster with referrals” to learn how Naomi Chua quickly qualifies for MDRT.

3) Finding an easier path to qualifying for MDRT
Watch “Qualify for MDRT 50% faster with referrals” to learn how MDRT member Naomi Chua Yi-Shyan, ChFC, cuts the time in half to qualify for MDRT through referrals. 

2) Qualify for MDRT every year
Watch “A simple formula for qualifying for MDRT every year” to discover a Top of Table member’s time-tested formula for qualifying for MDRT every year.

1) Earning more referrals
Clients keep your business running. Discover the “3 words that generate client referrals” to learn an easy method that provides a steady stream of referrals.

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