Top 5 MDRT videos from 2022

Videos about ideas for better client communications topped the list for viewers of MDRT’s YouTube channel for videos posted in 2022. The ideas shared in these videos came from MDRT members throughout the world, yet their advice and wisdom drive to the heart of the matter for clients everywhere.

Favorite ideas for explaining insurance to clients

“Our clients need to know the time, not how the clock works,” said 2015 MDRT President Caroline A. Banks, FPFS. “Don’t forget, it isn’t how good we are; it’s how good we are to work with. Are we telling the time or how the clock works?” In this 2019 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation, Banks, a Top of the Table member from London, England, UK, shares many more of her favorite ideas that she’s learned from MDRT meetings.

Questions that make prospects clients

The questions you ask can show you what clients are looking for and build connections with them. MDRT member Matthew Charles Collins, of Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia, addresses the questions he asks and how he successfully approaches client communication in this 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting video.

Answering common client questions and objections

Client objections and questions are part of the profession for financial advisors. Top of the Table member Sanjay Tolani, Ph.D., MBA, of Dubai, UAE, explains how he addresses his most common objections and how he guides clients to see the value he provides. This video is from the 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting.

Questions that matter to prospects and convert to clients

Discover why 90% of the people Top of the Table member Dominique Schuh, of Gympie, Queensland, Australia, meets with become her clients, even though she works with a wide variety of clients in rural areas. She discusses how she views objections as prompts for more information and how she makes sure she explains financial advice in a way that makes sense to the client.

Why the way you ask for referrals may not be working

Referrals make up almost all the business for Barbara A. Pietrangelo, CFP, ChFC, of Ada, Michigan, USA. She shares the simple steps that work for her in getting all the referrals she needs to keep qualifying for MDRT and Top of the Table.

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