How I tripled my production in two years

Exposure to big ideas multiplies your mindset — and your income. The first time I came to an MDRT meeting, I was an MDRT qualifier. The second year, I qualified for Court of the Table. The third year, I qualified for Top of the Table. This is only because of MDRT.

When I came to an MDRT meeting for the first time, I was exposed to all these ideas, and they multiplied my mindset. These three ideas helped triple my production in just two years.

  1. Collaborate with specialists. When I was at my first MDRT meeting, I was talking to successful advisors who had been Top of the Table, even 10 times Top of the Table, for many, many years. And I asked them, “What is the reason for that success? What is the reason that you are continuously at Top of the Table?” They told me a very good, very easy concept: “It’s who, not how.” I learned how to collaborate with specialists. I learned that I don’t have to know how to do it all; what I need to do is find out who can do it for me. Collaborate with the specialists, hire the specialists, bring the specialists onto your team, use their expertise and then you can go to that level.
  2. Hire a coach. I’ve found that most successful financial advisors have coaches. I learned that coaches manage your success. They monitor you. They motivate you. They count your numbers. There is somebody who is always there for you. The moment I returned home, I hired a coach. I ended up with two coaches. I had a tactical coach as well as a professional, strategic coach. That really added a lot of value to my practice, and business immediately started going up.
  3. Ask for help. MDRT is the home for help. An MDRT meeting is where anybody sitting to the left, right, behind or in front of you is either at your level or higher than you. Everybody comes here with a mindset to give ideas or take ideas. Even 20-, 30- or 40-year members are ready to hear your ideas and give you ideas. When I was at the meeting, I would talk to anybody. The first time I came to an MDRT meeting, I created a study group. I had no idea what a study group was until the second day of the meeting. After I heard about it, I read about study groups the whole night. After that, with five people I met at the meeting, we created a study group. All five of us track each other’s performance and help each other. And all five of us are growing with each other. MDRT is the home of ideas. If you come to these meetings, you can add a lot of value to your practice. When I was going back home on the plane, even in the taxi from the hotel to the airport, I made sure I was with somebody who was Top of the Table. Even on the plane, I was sitting with somebody, talking and learning. By the time I landed in Toronto, my mindset was totally changed. I was a different person.

Sim Gakhar, of Markham, Ontario, Canada, is a five-year MDRT member and Top of the Table qualifier. This article was excerpted from her 2021 MDRT EDGE presentation “How I tripled my production in two years.” [MDRT members only]

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