14 qualities that make you a trusted advisor

There are plenty of professions where you know the go-to person. It can be the realtor who gets results or the lawyer you trust to guide you legally. In the insurance and financial advising profession, you want to be that trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor within your social circle. Here are the attributes you need to have so you’ll be perceived as the financial advisor people want to go to.

  1. Clients like you. They feel you care about them as people. Their goals and dreams are yours. You want them to succeed.
  2. Clients have needs. Their lives are constantly changing. They have children they want to provide for, for example. Insurance is often part of the solution for them.
  3. Clients have friends. Friends have needs. They talk about them. Your clients know how to spot an opportunity, drop your name and tell you about it.
  4. You’re active in the community. You give back. People see you as a giver, not a taker. You support causes important to them.
  5. You’re charitable. You give your time, talent and treasure. Your clients attend charity galas. They see you. They see your name on the donor list.
  6. You’re seen as successful. You are confident. You aren’t desperate for business. Your clothing and lifestyle deliver this message. Successful people want to do business with other successful people.
  7. You’re kind. You are not arrogant. Every time someone talks to you, you make them feel like they are the most important person in the room. You remember details.
  8. You listen. You don’t view listening as a pause before you get back into your sales presentation. You aren’t on the clock. When a client or prospect wants to talk, you’re all ears. You know every time they speak, they’re sharing information.
  9. You dress for success. Your clothing might not be new, but it’s well cared for. It fits. You dress well in casual situations too, including grocery shopping and visiting the hardware store. You never know when someone will see you.
  10. People know what you do. Why are you dressing well? Because one friend might see you leaving your religious service and ask another friend: “What do you know about her?” Your friend will be able to tell your story.
  11. You show up on time. Punctuality matters. People consider their time valuable. You respect that.
  12. You get your name out there. You’re active on social media, positioning yourself as a thought leader. You advertise locally.
  13. You’re credentialed. Your clients need licensing and degrees to advance in their careers. They respect the designations you’ve earned.
  14. You never stop learning. You don’t assume you know it all. You learn about new products. You attend classes. You read. You keep current. You can tell clients, “There’s a new way to approach that problem …”


That’s how you became successful and how you will continue to succeed.

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor, can be found on Amazon.

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  • bryce sanders says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Not only might people recognize you and say hello, they might also say: “Guess who I saw in the grocery store today?” to a friend. They will likely comment on how you are dressed. Here’s another tip. Don’t read the gossip magazines displayed on the checkout line. When I was intrloduced to someone they said: “I’ve seen you before! You’re the guy flipping through the gossip magazines! ” I never did that again!

  • Yd says:

    Thank you for the14 qualities traits of a trusted advisor. It has help me see things more clearly on how important dressing up is, even just for groceries. And it’s true we never knew when client or prospect may see us.

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