5 characteristics of ultra-happy people

So much of life is about perspective, and a successful advisor is an upbeat advisor. In his 2013 Annual Meeting presentation “Measuring what matters,” Ralph Antolino Jr., J.D., CLU, reiterates this by identifying nine secrets of ultra-happy people, many of which hinge on your outlook. According to the 41-year MDRT member from Columbus, Ohio, these include:

  1. Balance

“The ultra-happy have achieved balance in all aspects of their life. What do you need to do to achieve greater balance in your life? What are you overindulging in, and what effect does it have on other parts of your life? What resources and support do you need to be more balanced?”

  1. Self-control

“The ultra-happy don’t let their desires dominate their life. Do you chase your every desire? Do some of your desires conflict with one another? Does the fulfillment of your desires make you happier or unhappier? Do you choose to pursue only those desires that support your higher purpose in life?”

  1. Selflessness

“The ultra-happy spend most of their time working on other people’s problems. Is there someone who needs help in your life? Do you think helping them would give you a greater sense of purpose? What talents or resources do you have to help people that are not being fully utilized?”

  1. Gratitude

“The ultra-happy know they don’t need anything more to be happy. Do you feel you need more in order to be happy? Do you feel owned by some of your desires and possessions? Is there anything you could give up to have more freedom?”

  1. Optimism

“The ultra-happy know they have a choice between being happy and being unhappy. Are you choosing happiness? Isn’t life interesting that we end up being the sum of all of our choices? Abe Lincoln said it best: ‘Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.’ Our opportunity with the great, happy people we work with is to remind ourselves and them of this law of nature and of good relationships. To be ultra-happy, choose happiness every chance you get.”

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