Have a vision, write it down and make it happen

A several years ago, Joe Thomas sat down with a visionary coach. At first the now-11-year MDRT member from Birmingham, Alabama, USA, had been reluctant, thinking the idea was “hokey.” But he gave it a try and has been stunned by the effectiveness of having someone to hold him accountable for the things he wants to hold himself accountable for.

Items that have come to fruition from the three-year vision exercise include but are not limited to:

  • Quadrupling his business from direct client referrals
  • Getting clients to call him about scheduling an annual review before his administrative assistant calls them
  • Publishing a book on networking

He also talks about the different areas of the Whole Person concept during a monthly call with members of an MDRT study group. He works out four times a week, reads from the Bible three times a week and has seen a big difference from cutting his work week from 60 hours to 50 hours. He takes Friday off about once a month and has monthly lunch dates with his wife. He is thrilled to have more time for family, which he uses for camping trips and other outdoor activities. The result is Thomas has more energy, feels closer to his five kids and, a not-insignificant benefit of more exercise, “My six-pack’s making a comeback.”

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