What raising four kids taught me about being an advisor

I have four kids who are now slowly working their way out of college into adulthood. Marry well. That would be rule No. 1. I’m blessed with a phenomenal wife and partner.

And our kids were born in a very tight range. We had four kids under the age of 5 or 6 at home, so it was just pure chaos there for a while. You just kind of get used to putting out fires all the time. So a normal day is three or four fires, and that’s no big deal.

You learn to prioritize and you learn that process forces you to kind of figure out, “Is that important? Is it something that needs to be addressed now, or can somebody else deal with it? Or “Is there another way to manage it, and do I need to move on?” It forces you into a decision-making process that is easily transferable to work as far as how you handle things, how you work with people. Their concerns need to be addressed, but you need to prioritize too and run your business and manage that.

Russell L. Clousing, ChFC, CLU, is a 27-year MDRT member from Chicago, Illinois. Hear more in this episode of the MDRT Podcast:

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