‘Abundance is a state of mind’

D. Scott Brennan, 2013 MDRT President and a 39-year member from South Bend, Indiana, knows that life is a matter of perspective. He has seen a family receiving $5,000 for a death claim be much more grateful than trustees who received $5 million. That’s part of why he embraces the Whole Person concept.

“I try to celebrate life a little bit every day. I get up early, I paint, I eat good food, I drink champagne. This isn’t a dry run,” he said. “When I am with clients and people I care about, I will often say, ‘We could be born in a dozen other lifetimes, and we wouldn’t be as lucky as we are today.’

“Math has no emotion, but people do. A grandmother asked her young granddaughter, ‘How many fingers do you have?’ Emily said, ‘Grandma, I have all that I need.’ It’s not what something is; it’s how we see it. John Savage once said, ‘People are out buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t even like.’ Want less; appreciate more. Abundance is a state of mind.”

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