Audit your schedule and focus on what you love

Brad Elman, CLU, CLTC, believes in a simple, circular process of focus, skill and happiness:

  • If you enjoy something, you’ll be motivated to do it.
  • If you’re motivated to do something, you will do it more frequently.
  • If you do something more frequently, you become better at it.
  • If you’re good at it, you’ll enjoy it more.

In his 2016 Annual Meeting presentation, “Building a practice you love,” Elman, a 31-year MDRT member from Los Altos, California, described time as your most precious commodity because it can be spent, invested and wasted but, unlike money, you can never get more of it.

Are you spending your time the way that you should to maximize your enjoyment from it? To ensure that he was, Elman identified his weekly time budget, broken down by the seven elements of the Whole Person concept and with 24 of the week’s 168 hours unaccounted for:

  • Health (sleeping – 50 hours; eating – 15 hours; exercising – 15 hours)
  • Family time, 10 hours
  • Work (things I don’t enjoy), 5 hours; Work (things I enjoy), 35 hours
  • Financial, 1 hour
  • Service (volunteering in the community), 10 hours
  • Spirituality, 1 hour
  • Education, 2 hours

Do the same with your schedule, he said, “and you will see that you are happier than you realize, or there are some things you need to change.” Want a quick fix to add more time in your life? Elman has you covered: “Stop taking pictures of food.”

Hear more in this episode of MDRT Presents:

  • Wayne Cotton says:

    Brad makes some very powerful points in his presentation. For many of us, living the Whole Person life is difficult to achieve when believe we have to become successful first, before we can become whole persons. In my first Main Platform talk called “The Other Side of the Coin”, I said “We strive and drive to become bigger and better than we already are…but at what personal cost I ask you?” When we are out of sync with the whole person concept our personal cost can be brutal. Brad’s statement about building a practice you love is absolutely critical.

  • Vanrajsinh Temubha Gohil says:

    In changing scenario,Market and Insurance segment are changing,In this digital era, everything is handy…. Calculation of IRR and Simple Interest,Compound interest and Inflation and Dearness trends,community threats and geographical and Demographic effects,Epidemics and Increasing age expectancy country wide, Customers thinking are changing towards short term benefits clubbing with long term benefits and assurance of after sales’ services and Above all our plus points are Risk cover and health care benefits with critical illness coverage will be win win situation for advisers but continuous awareness and learning process and studies will propel advisors towards success and prosperity..

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