Creating opportunities to help clients and qualify for Top of the Table

Qualifying for Top of the Table is simple — although not easy. If you put in the time, this technique works. I ask clients three questions, which helps me qualify for Top of the Table. Those were

  • What do you own?
  • Why do you own it?
  • When was the last time you took a look at it?

Every time I ask those questions, it creates an opportunity to do good work for a client — and that’s how we qualify for Top of the Table. To keep qualifying, I continue asking those same three questions. Furthermore, I ask those questions of all the clients who were referred to us from accountants, property and casualty agents, and attorneys.

They come to trust our work because we ask those questions. They know that about half of the time we discover that what clients own lines up well with why they own it, and so no changes are needed at this time. Those advisors also know circumstances change over the years. Clients will likely need to make changes and adjustments in two or three years when I ask those questions again. 

I keep asking those questions of existing clients every three years knowing that we always want what they own to line up with why they own it. Those three questions will take you to the Top of the Table and keep you there. 

Ted Rusinoff, of Stow, Ohio, USA, has been an MDRT member since 2008. He’s also a Top of the Table qualifier and an MDRT Foundation Past President.

For more ideas on how to qualify for Top of the Table:

  • Ma. Juvy Bajao says:

    Top of the Table OMG i was not even get to the MDRT but i will aim it, get an inspiration to the achiever like you. I am building my carrier as an FA seriously. Thanks for the inputs.

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