Your 5 favorite YouTube videos of 2021

In 2021, viewers tuned in to MDRT’s YouTube channel to hear some of the best and favorite ideas from MDRT members worldwide. They shared their proven techniques for referrals, motivation, communicating about financial products and client questions.

Below are the top favorite videos posted in 2021 on MDRT’s YouTube channel. New videos are posted weekly, so make sure to subscribe to YouTube.

5. Overcome your biggest challenge — your mindset

Everyone faces professional challenges. When Timothie Williamson Sy, of the Philippines, first started as a financial advisor he was much younger than his clients and he was an introvert. Here’s how he overcame perceived disadvantages and qualified for MDRT his first full year in the financial services profession.

4. Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going

Joshua S. Bernard, QFA, shares the ideas — including tracking activity and not taking objections personally — that got him to MDRT and on to be the only Top of the Table qualifier in Grand Cayman, BWI. Bernard learned the ideas that drove his success from talking to MDRT members at meetings and watching videos.

3. The value of financial advisors

Know your value as a financial advisor. While your clients would rather buy a phone before insurance, MDRT member Subhas V. Nathan, of Singapore, describes his time-tested method for helping a client understand that life insurance protects financial futures and is like a valuable contract with the ones they love.

2. Move clients to action with the right questions

“Where will your income come from when your paycheck stops?” And “What percentage of estate reduction is acceptable for you?” are questions that help clients understand the value of life insurance and financial planning. Framing and how you construct questions can get prospects thinking and responsive. MDRT Past President Brian H. Ashe, CLU, of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA, shares several examples and discusses this idea more in his 2016 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation.

1. Guiding clients to request life insurance

To be successful, help clients understand that the benefits of life insurance are greater than the costs. You can achieve this with the right questions. Find out how this works and the prospecting tips that brought MDRT Past President Guy E. Baker, MSFS, Ph.D., of Irvine, California, USA, to decades of Top of the Table qualifications. Stay tuned to the end of this 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation to find out the one simple question that has sold millions of dollars of life insurance for Baker.

  • Costas Akrivopoulos-ILU, NLP, GAMA, SOC-Athens Greece says:

    Move clients to action with the right questions against every objection, with ITESA method :
    INVESIGATE what kind of objection is , for You and the Company or for the Product. So immediately increase the value,
    TOUCH his/her feelings and say “Yes I understand you , some times I have same feelings”,
    EXPLAIN the reason, with all products profits,
    SHOW the profit with elements,
    ACTION and now go ahead for closing ¨let commit ourself”


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