Improve yourself 15 minutes at a time

If you think you don’t have time to adjust your outlook, Simon Bailey would disagree with you. In his 2014 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation “Release your brilliance,” Bailey, founder of the Brilliance Institute and experienced motivational speaker for U.S. corporations, says getting up just 15 minutes early can have a huge impact.

“Take the first five minutes and meditate. Just get quiet. Think about the day. How is today going to be more brilliant than it was yesterday?” he said. “Take the second five minutes and read something that inspires you. The word ‘inspire’ means to breathe life into. So I want you to breathe life into your life. Then take the last five minutes and stretch and get aligned with the day.”

Not a morning person? Bailey said this works at night too. “Fifteen minutes before your head hits the pillow, write down, ‘How did I grow today? What did I take away from today?’” he said. “The second five minutes, read something that inspires you. And the last five minutes, do something to unwind.”

The result is that 15 minutes every day turns into change seven days a week, which impacts 30 days a month and 90 days in three months. “That’s how I believe you release brilliance,” he said. “You chunk it down, and every single day you say, how do I get better?

“The secret to releasing brilliance and creating a moment is hidden in your daily routine. The secret to unlocking the future is understanding who I have to be in this moment so when rejection comes, I bounce back and say, ’You know what, I still believe in what I am doing.’”

  • Shahzad Kaiser says:

    Give a little more breath to your professional life to see some doable things first and then to prepare yourself for manageable things. Success is all about the time adjustment with your winning strategies to say “I know what” . . SKaiser

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