MDRT members lead with excellence, service and significance

When you think you prepared for everything, life throws you a curveball. In all corners of the world in 2020, it is a pandemic. 

While there’s much to be proud of in how MDRT members have supported clients and family and participated in online learning and networking opportunities, “we recognize that it hasn’t been easy,” said 2020 MDRT President Regina Bedoya, CLU, ChFC.

Like many, Bedoya, of Juno Beach, Florida, feels pandemic-related anxieties at times. She worries about the health of her large family, especially her son and his wife who are physicians working on the front lines of a large U.S. hospital. 

Changing courses

“We all see the world a bit differently now,” Bedoya said in her 2020 MDRT Annual Meeting and Global Conference Virtual Event presentation. “What once seemed important may now no longer be, and the things we once took for granted may now be top of mind.”

Despite that, Bedoya has seen another side to the uncertainty. “While this pandemic has disrupted daily lives, it has reinforced the strength and determination of the human spirit,” she said. “It has set us on a new course on this ever-changing journey. Every action, every conversation, every decision reflects who we are and what guiding principles drive us.”

Balanced living

A set of guiding principles many within the MDRT community practice are encompassed by is MDRT’s Whole Person concept, which is about achieving balance among relationships, health, education, career, service, finances and spirituality. 

“I admire those who have mastered the art of living,” Bedoya said. They radiate a higher energy and a quiet confidence, she said. They “make little distinction between their work and play. They pursue their vision of excellence in whatever they do. They’re Whole Person masters. They inspire us to live loftier goals. We’re lucky to have members who have achieved that.” 

If we live our lives with purpose and make a positive in the lives of others, we can “infuse the world with MDRT’s message of excellence, service and significance,” she said.

Learn more in Bedoya’s presentation. Follow the event on social media using #AMGC2020.

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