Why MDRT is relevant, essential and meaningful to financial advisors

We never expected the experiences and challenges we have all faced during the last two years.

Our businesses, our personal lives and our involvement with each other changed radically in ways no one could have envisioned. The important thing is, though, that MDRT as an organization changed and adapted —remaining relevant while staying true to its principles.

Here are just a few things MDRT has been working on in the last two years for its members:

  • Creating the Capability Program, a digital learning program that will supplement our live events and provide year-round resources for members to learn, grow and earn recognition as professionals. It’s currently in the pilot phase.
  • Delivering more localized content. Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, MDRT offers localized content and information to 11 markets and over 50,000 members. Through this effort we increased localized, in-language content by 300%. MDRT members are interviewed by local journalists to create articles and videos for MDRT’s website and app in 10 languages. This content is promoted by monthly market-specific digital newsletters, a regional LinkedIn group and market-specific Facebook pages. We have also developed a similar relationship in Latin America as a part of this effort to localize and personalize content for our members around the world.
  • Embarked on a five-year digital transformation that is 100% focused on leveraging technology to personalize and enhance your MDRT member experience. This includes
    • Redesigning the MDRT websites
    • Offering nine languages in the MDRT App
  • Building MDRT’s Family of Brands. Through these offerings and benefits, we have a home for everyone. Advisors have opportunities at every step of their career with MDRT, the MDRT Academy and MDRT Global Services.
  • Aspiring members can engage with the MDRT Academy and learn the tools and strategies to achieve MDRT-level production. The MDRT Academy is now available in four languages. This will also become our platform for more efficient mentoring.
  • Created exclusively for those who lead teams or are otherwise part of management in our profession is MDRT Global Services. Global Services is in the second year of its pilot and has members from more than 70 companies in 22 countries. Earlier this year, MDRT Global Serviceslaunched the Culture of Excellence awards, which sets a new global standard of success in financial services leadership through criteria focused on meeting agency goals as well as embracing MDRT’s Whole Person philosophy. We have launched Global Services member study groups which provide the opportunity for peer sharing among agency leaders. 

Dedicated MDRT members

Scritchfield Presidential Address video still

See more in Randy Scritchfield’s Presidential Address, which was presented at the 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting.

Furthermore, hard-working MDRT members through their committee involvement launched book clubs, organized virtual and in-person local events, welcomed and celebrated new and returning members, engaged with companies and other industry partners, supported charitable causes through the MDRT Foundation and represented the needs and concerns of their fellow members. The Membership Communications Committees, your MCC, is the heartbeat of MDRT and I want to thank them for their service and dedication.

You are all leaders. You are leaders in your communities, your businesses, your companies and anything you become a part of.

Randy Scritchfield, of Damascus, Maryland, USA, is the 2022 MDRT President, a 38-year MDRT member and a Top of the Table member. 

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