Favorite MDRT videos: Learn from the best

Supercharge your ability and speed to reach your goals by learning from others who have traveled kindred roads. Like you, they experienced similar detours and familiar barriers working with prospects who may not want to talk about retiring and dying.

In these videos below, which are some viewer favorites on MDRT’s YouTube channel, discover how other financial advisors and life insurance agents successfully overcame their challenges. Take their knowledge to create a more streamlined road map to your professional destination.

Timeless ideas that work — an MDRT classic

Hear ideas for asking for referrals without mentioning the world “referrals,” prospecting up, the deal before the deal, talking to prospects about reviewing their life insurance with you and more in this classic 1986 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation from 54-year MDRT member Bruce W. Etherington, CLU, CH.F.C., of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He’s also a Top of the Table member.

The art of storytelling

Facts tell, but stories sell. In this 2021 MDRT Annual Meeting and Global Conference Virtual Event presentation, 10-year MDRT member Hu Mong Siem, of Kuching, Malaysia, shares three tips for good storytelling and how this powerful way of communicating helps clients through difficult times — and helps you to close the deal.

Body language: Understanding what’s unspoken

Most of what we say is unspoken, which includes objections. In the personal realm of discussing insurance, understanding body language can be key in understanding what clients are thinking, and then moving them past the objection to a yes. Learn more from 19-year MDRT member Alan C. Kifer, CFP, LUTCF, of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. He’s also a Top of the Table member.

What separates good from great advisors

Not hearing the emotion behind what clients say prevents advisors from understanding them, separating good advisors from great advisors. Learn how to interact better with clients and prevent objections from 40-year MDRT member and 2011 MDRT President Julian H. Good Jr., CLU, ChFC. He is also a Court of the Table member.

The difference between a financial advisor and an insurance agent

There’s a difference between an insurance agent and a financial advisor, says former MDRT member Kevin J. Murphey, MEd, RFC, of Apison, Tennessee, USA. People will buy insurance from their financial advisors, but they will not necessarily buy financial products from their insurance agents. When Murphey made the shift, a recommendation for life insurance became easier because he was already managing the client’s assets.

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