Removing barriers to reach your next level of success

Even when we are clear about our goals, we still have three main obstacles that we run up against.

First of all, how do we see ourselves? We’ve already talked about some of our challenges, but now we’re going to get into some real inner blocks. Some of the barriers are actually how we view ourselves and how we think.

How do you view the world around you? I think you will find this interesting. I had not seen it until I went through my coach training, but it’s an interesting concept about our perceptions of the world and how we react to situations in life, especially under stress. How we react under stress and how we go through the day and our fluctuating energy levels have a huge impact on our productivity. We all know what energy is. We know when a person comes in the room and kind of just lights up the room. And we know the person who comes in the room, and everyone’s thinking, Oh. There they are again. So we know something about energy and how it can affect us. We know good energy, bad energy. We know the effect that that has in terms of attraction or rejection.

And, finally, how you manage your mindset. Are you willing to let go of some things that you just always thought were true? Because they’re only getting you what you’ve already got, but maybe not what you want. How you got where you are is likely because you’re locked into some particular thinking, good or bad. This is mostly stuff we have learned. But we can learn new things, and we can adopt new habits and practices. But it’s not always easy.

Steven A. Plewes, CLU, ChFC, is a 33-year MDRT member from Naples, Florida. Hear more in the new episode of MDRT Presents:

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