Why results alone are not enough

I believe that results alone are not enough. Ethics is a must, values are needed, and sharing and caring for others is essential. This makes you memorable.

Consider this: None of us will remember yesterday’s headlines. We don’t remember the names of those who win the Nobel Prize or the Tour de France. Those winners were not second-rate achievers; they were the best in their fields. Once the applause dies, however, trophies become colorless. The winners and their achievements are forgotten.

Compare that to

  • Teachers who helped you in your school and university years
  • Friends who supported you in difficult times
  • People who taught you something valuable and made you feel special and appreciated
  • People with whom you like to spend your time
  • Leaders or heroes whose lives have inspired you

Those are the people you remember. The people who make a difference in our lives are not those with the best results, the richest or those who won the most prizes. The differences are made by the people who care about us, look after us and are beside us in good times but, more importantly, during the bad and hard times.

Dorin Israelian

See more in Dorin Israelian’s MDRT Speaks presentation, “Results alone are not enough.”

We, as professionals, as MDRT members, can make a huge difference to our families, to our clients, to our colleagues, to our friends, to the companies we work with and in our communities. If I met your families, your clients, your colleagues, your friends, would you be the difference in their lives?

Let’s live a life of values and let us be remembered for the imprint we make on others.

As Einstein said, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”

Dorin Israelian, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a Court of the Table qualifier and an MDRT member since 2001. This was excerpted from her MDRT Speaks presentation. (MDRT member exclusive)


  • Manmohan says:

    What a superb article…so true.

    Dorin is an extra ordinary human being. I know her since 2010 and she is a role model to society .

  • On October 1st of 2002 I entered Prudential as a fellow Life Planner to Dorin. In these almost 18 years, in which I attended several Annual Meetings of MDRT, I have seen her become our Champion Life Planner twice, awarded the prodigious Kiyo Sakaguchi Award, be MDRT’s Company Chair for our company and representative for Argentina and South America some years later… adding all up, several great achievements. But what differenciates Dorin the most, at least to us in Prudential, is her relentless willingness to help, share her knowledge and teach others how to thrive, not si much in sales and fulfillment of objectives (which she undoubtably can!) but in how to be an excellent professional and a caring human being. Felicitaciones, Dorin!! ????????

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