6 perspectives to stay motivated

You may not think there are overlaps between being a financial advisor and being a musical theater performer. In his 2014 Annual Meeting presentation, “Passion, perseverance and Puccini,” however, Darryl Lovegrove, who has appeared in the Australian and New Zealand tours of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” demonstrated that his philosophies for success are relevant for anyone looking for motivation, inspiration and focus. Here are six of the mantras he shared:

  1. “As a theatrical producer and creator of corporate shows, I believe that your resilience rather than your talent governs personal success and failure. It’s a mindset that you have to pay constant attention to.”
  2. “If I let success make me complacent about staying motivated and moving forward, then I will fail.”
  3. “If I don’t ensure that failure renews my humility, sharpens my objectivity and makes me more resilient, then I will continue to fail.”
  4. “If I want goals that truly motivate me, then I have to use phrases like ‘I will’ and ‘I must,’ not ‘I’ll try.’”
  5. “If I don’t take action, I’ll fail by default. So what have I got to lose?”
  6. “You can’t change what is happening to you, but you can change how you respond.”
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