Smash through career limitations with these top 5 videos

Do you want clients who are interested in the solutions you offer? Would you like to qualify for MDRT, Court of the Table or Top of the Table every year? Then these top five MDRT YouTube videos have something for you. None of these solutions are complex, but you must know them before you can put them into action.

Spend a few minutes with MDRT members to learn their career-changing ideas in these top videos in the first quarter of 2021. Furthermore, MDRT’s YouTube channel has a collection of ideas from around the world. Subscribe to get notified of a new idea at least once a week.

5. Telling is not selling

Through questions, you can emotionally connect clients to their future and your solutions. Hear more from Subhas V. Nathan, of Singapore.

4. Change your habits, change your results

You need knowledge and skills to succeed as a financial advisor, but you must be aware of what that rests on. That’s your mindset, which includes what you tell yourself on a daily basis. In this 2019 MDRT Global Conference presentation, Glen Wong, of Hong Kong, China, shares how he adjusted his beliefs and broke through self-imposed limitations.

3. Guiding clients to requesting life insurance

Building a good prospecting system is how you reach Top of the Table every year. You also need to ask clients questions so they understand that the benefits of life insurance far outweigh the costs, said MDRT Past President Guy E. Baker, MSFS, Ph.D., who has decades of Top of the Table qualifications.

Stay tuned to the end of this 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation to find out the one simple question that has sold millions of dollars of life insurance for Baker.

2. Selling millions in life insurance in a month — an MDRT classic

When talking with a high-net-worth client who already has purchased life insurance with someone else, try saying, “I will never do anything to disturb the relationship between you and your life insurance agent, but I want to give you an idea that will eliminate your estate tax,” said life insurance legend John F. Savage, CLU.

People don’t ask to buy insurance; they want to buy what it does for them. Savage shares some of his best ideas in this 1978 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation.

1. A simple formula for qualifying for MDRT every year

You can make Court of the Table or Top of the Table every year if you remember the number 20, says Top of the Table qualifier Marc A. Silverman, CFP, ChFC.

In this 2016 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation, Silverman shares how he kept meticulous records and developed a time-tested formula for reaching his MDRT goals. He takes a large, annual goal and breaks it into smaller, achievable goals and then applies a formula that’s easy enough for anyone to follow — if you’re disciplined.

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