Stay grounded about why you do what you do

When he was only 5 years old, Danny Smith, RHU, LUTCF, lost his father, who had no life insurance. The serious financial impact that tragedy had on Smith’s family, and the desire to make sure that doesn’t happen to any of his clients, is a big reason the 25-year MDRT member from Sheffield Village, Ohio, works to keep himself grounded.

“I try to remind myself that whatever measurement we use to achieve MDRT — whether based on production or premium — every single dollar can represent a family staying together when there’s a tragedy,” he said. “It can represent a happy retirement, peace of mind or security — all the things we deliver in our business. With life insurance, there is no plan B. It’s not, ‘I’ll buy life insurance or.’ There’s no ‘or.’ I think sometimes we forget that when we receive accolades. There’s nothing wrong with being recognized, but all of those accolades represent the deliverable that only our industry provides.

“A plan without life insurance is like trying to build a house without a foundation. If I come home and I’m a little tired or I’ve put in a longer day than I meant to, if I realize I’ve written a life insurance contract or I’ve provided some financial advice or something to make people more secure, the magnitude of that in the future far outweighs that maybe I’m a little tired or I missed my favorite TV show. I find balance in reminding myself that.”


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