Successful mindsets: Keep an open mind and seek inspiration

People say you should join MDRT because it changes your life, but that’s not what changes your life. You do that.

MDRT provides an environment in which your life can change. Motivation, though, is an inside job. It’s not something that comes from the outside, especially if you don’t want to progress in your career or you’re not open to new ideas. If you are, you can be inspired, and that’s where MDRT does a terrific job. You can see what works well for successful financial advisors or what challenges they’ve had and how they overcame them.

In the end, it’s a matter of motivating yourself by being exposed to an environment where great ideas can be shared and where perspective can be gained. My belief is that the people in our profession who aren’t MDRT members, or don’t aspire to membership, they’re in a completely different business.

Brian Ashe, of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA, is a 52-year MDRT member and the 2000 MDRT President.

If you’re not already an MDRT member, find out if you qualify and how to join. If you don’t yet meet MDRT’s qualifications, find out how the MDRT Academy can put you on the fast track to success and to qualify for MDRT.

  • I want to share one more current scenario,if your clients are below 40 years or younger than 35 years,there are two advantages…one you could pitch perfect Long term plans clubbed with short term plans and with low premium rates and as they are younger,you could explain matters more convincingly… sometimes a person above 35 years ages have their own mental blocks and misconceptions and they might have completed their financial planning or their priorities differ on the contrary,young generations are highly analytical and with less mental blocks and you could explain more easily to them…I am switching over to tap younger generations in my coming decades…

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