Timeless ideas that work

For decades, MDRT members, including industry legends, stood on the Main Platform of the MDRT Annual Meeting before thousands of their colleagues to generously share the ideas that enhanced their careers and lives. Venture into our vault of classic MDRT Annual Meeting videos and listen to the ideas that withstood the test of time.


Finding clients is crucial and tapping in to centers of influence, such as attorneys, can be the key to success. It’s not easy though. In this 1990 MDRT Annual Meeting video, 49-year MDRT member as well as Top of the Table member Gary R. Sitzmann, CLU, of Lafayette, California, USA, shares how he overcame the most difficult part of selling life insurance.

Time is more finite than money

In this 1985 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation, “The man in the glass,” the late Thomas J. Wolff, CLU, ChFC, discusses how stress has a cost and how it grows the lack of fulfillment and increases strain caused by overscheduling.

Nothing is impossible

Think big and don’t give up, says the late MDRT great Mehdi Fakharzadeh. Watch more in this 1975 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation.

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