Top 5 blog posts for 2020

The top five posts on the MDRT Blog from 2020 are a unique mix of the world we were thrown into when many of us were sent home to shelter in place. This meant working from home, working to maintain our health through self-improvement, often keeping ourselves socially distanced from loved ones and clients, and talking with clients about fluctuating markets. Below, take a look at what you were reading on the MDRT Blog in 2020. 

5) 5 ways to ease clients’ recession fears
Fear promotes more fear. In the economic world, it can lead to market disruption. While you can’t control the market, you can help your clients get through economic downturns. There are several ways to ease your clients’ fears. While they won’t cure substantive underlying provocations (such as the coronavirus), they can provide valuable emotional and economic stability. Read more.

4) Diary of an MDRT member: 5 things to do daily while at home
While we can’t go to the office to work, we can use our time at home well as our imagination and abilities allow. Some daily productive and positive activities include reading inspiring books. Read more. 

3) Selling insurance when the market is down
Selling life insurance isn’t easy. Some people think they don’t need it. Others think they can buy it cheaper on their own, eliminating the middleman. Interest rates are really low — others think they can find better places to put their money. Then the stock market falls off a cliff. Read more. 

2) 5 books to grow your career
One way MDRT members worldwide grow is through the books they read. A favorite was “The Excellent Investment Advisor” by Nick Murray. For many financial advisors, it’s considered one of the best books for providing the necessary steps for success in financial services. Read more. 

1) 7 ideas for insurance agents working from home
If you’re a life insurance agent or financial advisor working from home, what can you do? The good news is that with today’s technology, you likely have access to client data, your work email account, social media and the internet. What can you do to work from home and maintain a positive outlook? Read more.


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