3 steps to winning the endurance game

After competing in endurance sports — including five marathons, two Ironman races and several triathlons — I realized the financial services profession is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Therefore, having the right mindset is crucial to building something sustainable.

To most people, marathons seem like an impossible distance to conquer. Yet, every weekend, thousands of regular people cross the finish line. So, it can be done, even though no one is born with such endurance. The good news, though, is that endurance can be built. It’s the same with our business endurance.

During my decadelong career in financial services, I’ve noticed patterns in building the business endurance mindset. Continuously achieving MDRT, Court of the Table and even Top of the Table (learn more about MDRT membership requirements) for many years might seem like an impossible feat, much like crossing the finish line of a marathon. What if, however, much like in training for endurance sports, you built a mindset in business that allows you to continuously nail your goals? I think you can.

Three practical steps to winning the endurance game:

  1. Commit to a clear goal
    No great achievement can be accomplished without a fervent commitment to conquering it. Why is that goal so important and personal to you? Is it crystal clear enough?
  2. Plan your work, work your plan
    Goals without plans are nothing. Break it down to monthly or even weekly goals. Monitor them closely to ensure you’re on track. This is what sets aside committed versus merely interested people.
  3. Don’t climb Mount Everest alone
    Nothing great is achieved alone. Surround yourself with those who will run with you and believe in you no matter what.

Great things take time. We must be ready and embrace the process. What we sow now, we won’t reap today. Don’t run a marathon with a sprint mindset.

Finally, without commitment, you’ll never start. And without consistency, you’ll never finish. Let’s win our endurance game.

Johan Fanggara is a six-year MDRT member from Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.

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