When you’re out of the office, are you really away?

On a recent vacation, Angelia Z. Shay, CLU, ChFC, noticed her two travel mates doing something that was entirely contrary to the purpose of the trip: They were working.

“We were supposed to have gone to have time away; the two other girls were constantly in their email and on their phone,” the 24-year MDRT member from Ashland, Virginia, said. “I did exactly what I went there to do. I blocked my calendar, and I reserved that time. It’s not enough just to block it. Plan your work and work your plan. Why plan it if you’re not going to work it?”

In other words, work-life balance is something you have to put effort into, and then follow through. Shay has also organized her weekly schedule and color-coded her calendar to ensure she focuses on getting done what she needs to get done in the hours allotted, not more. She says the best investment in her business, though, and an essential element to allow for time outside the office, is staffing.

“When you have the right people in place, they absolutely protect you and help you keep your work-life balance sane,” she said.

  • Sheronne Ivanka says:

    It is different from what you do for earning… As a sales personal you can’t say no to the customer when they call we need to answer… Especially if you are in to insurance. It might can be a claim, or any other urgent requirement to be fulfilled. Sometimes if you not accommodate the problem will be enhanced and will leave the customer and you both in trouble. With that if you going out of the office and you really don’t need to answer you have to arrange alternative option. You might have some hired person or even someone from your team need be contactable in these kind of situations… Because if your work is not continued your life will be not going forward as insurance adviser…

  • Ajith Fernando says:

    Work-life balance is a great concept and pave the way for happiness for you and the ones around you. So is planning your work and working your plan.
    Having said that these things don’t happen in straight lines and you may find you are challenged at times, particularly given the current times.
    There maybe times when you have to remain flexible to accommodate changes to support the same concept of work-life balance.
    We may also find that this stance of work-life balance could change as you go through the different stages of your life and growth.
    Totally agree that having right people in the right place is how the engine works.

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